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    i7 7700k heating


      Hi, I own a i7 7700k processor and it is peaking to high temp 90C-100C while gaming and also sometimes in idle. i re applied thermal paste and still the same.

      My friend own this same processor with same problem and he delidded and he used some aftermarket thermal paste between the die and the IHS.

      Now he is getting between 70-75C while gaming and 35-45C in idle and lower. I wanted to do this thing but, you guys will cut of the warranty.
      I think you guys are cheating people who buys your products why can't you use some good thermal paste.

      Every one who owns this processor has this same problem. Make some solutions for this, because this is yours fault and i this goes on like this soon no one will be buying

      your products. I am waiting for your reply.


      i7 7700k

      Masterliquid pro 280

      Tridentz 16gb Ram

      Asus strix 1060 6gb

      Mastercase pro 5