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    IMinecraft intel core 2 duo p8700 pixel acceleration


      Im getting nothing but grief trying to get minecraft to work on my sons laptop its got an Intel core 2 DUO P8700  and try as I might ot download the suggested driver off the intel site it tells me my computer does not meet  the requirements  Mojang is no help at all and say they do not offer support xbox is no help either I cannot contact Intel support for some reason it bounces me in an endless loop of links that lead in circles


      this has been an issue for a LONG time so long I gave up for a year or more and he stuck to the console version  but we paid for the game so he should have it on the laptop and as I did a fresh install yesterday I thought Id try again thinking maybe it was a conflict but no its still refusing to work


      it tells me its a Pixel acceleration issue but I cannot find how to fix it what works for everyone else fails for me  so if you have an idea please tell me