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    Euclid for High School Robotics (FRC)


      We recently got a Euclid camera and were just playing around with it. We were wondering what is the easiest way to set up the Euclid to a return the distance from and angle to a rectangular target. This year it was two rectangles of reflective tape that were provided. (Gyazo - 855178417f5f27a66198af44a815e3cc.png  ) We will have a bright green light so the target should be very visible. We have used open CV before, and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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          Hi 19christopherl,


          If the target is located within range of the ZR300 camera inside the Euclid, you could register the depth images from it, locate the object (perhaps by thresholding but really there are a ton of ways to do that), and then take the depth value of the average pixels on it.

          As for the angle, I'd consider calculating the arctangent of the distance of each side of the object from the center of the image, divided by the depth value from the previous calculation (again, thresholding or some other way to locate its position) to get the angles.

          Hope that helps.



          Intel Euclid Development Team