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    I'm having HDR issues with windows update 1709


      Seems that there is a lot of people clambering over the windows update 1709 with NVidia cards but I don't see anyone using integrated windows with the colors being washed out with integrated intel graphics so I'm hoping there is a fix for my issue.  I have 4k hdr tv, high speed 18k hdmi cable.  z370 Asrock fatality board. i3 8100 intel processor using integrated graphics. sfx turned on in the bios.  Here is the issue

      When I update to 1709 update from Microsoft The colors on my Samsung ks8000 tv are washed out.  Oranges are really red and so on.  When I turn on the hdr Support button in windows settings the colors come back however it is really faded and distant like (Hard to explain)  But the screen is reallu hard to see although the colors are no longer washed out.  I can fix the issue by turning off the hdr color support for my tv however, I can no longer play hdr content (From my hdr player)on my computer.  Kind of defeats the purpose of building a htpc with these capabilities.  Seems like Ive wasted time and money.  I have been in contact with Microsoft and they cant really see what is going on with my tv through online support so they change settings and make things worse.  I reset the computer back to the previous update and everything works again.  Does anyone have any incite to this issue?  I would like to know that I'm not the only one that has complained since they said if enough people complain about this they will look into it.  I'm sure they are blaming intel and NVidia for their drivers.  Thanks in advance for any replys

      Id be happy to give more info if needed