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    Cannot get native resolution - Intel Graphics Driver 530 on i5-6400.


      I have an Acer desktop:


      Intel Graphics 530

      16GB RAM

      two HDMI ports

      Windows 10 Home 64-bit


      I am using the intel graphics driver version, dated October 27, 2017.


      Until recently, I had been using an ASUS monitor 22" at 1920x1200. Everything was ok.


      I bought a larger monitor (HP ZR30w, 30", native resolution 2560x1600.)

      The intel graphics driver detected the new monitor. However, the max resolution I can choose is only 1280x800.


      I tried custom resolution in Intel Graphics utility to change to 2560x1600, but it gave me the notorious "custom resolution exceeds the available bandwidth capacity"


      even when I tried the 1920x1200 resolution, which was working perfectly fine on the older monitor, I received the same error.


      Any thoughts?