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    NUC5i7ryh and Intel Network Adapter


      I installed the latest Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection Driver, dated 27-Oct-2017, located here:


      Download Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection Driver for Windows 8.1*, for the Intel® NUC


      And it appeared to install without any issues. However, I am concerned about it after looking at the driver Properties page from Network Adapters in Device Manager.  When I look at the network adapter’s Properties page and Driver tab, it shows “Digital Signer: Not digitally signed.” Then, in Driver Details, I can see four files listed, one of which is “C:\Windows\system32\e1d64x64.din”. It shows Unknown for Provider, File version, and Copyright.  These does not seem right to me.


      I want to enable the Secure Boot functionality in NUC's BIOS. First, however, I believe that I need to get this issue fixed because, if I am not mistaken, Secure Boot will not work properly with an unsigned driver.  Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.