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    i5 650 Slows Down on Games


      Hi, I recently just built a new computer here are the speccs:

      windows 7 64 bit

      4 gigs corsair XMS3 ddr3 dual channel ram

      core i5 650

      xfx radeon hd 5770 1 gig GDDR5

      Ultra LS 600 PS


      I was so excited to finally enjoy some games. I installed a few MMO and single player games with mid graphics, and they lagged horribly, stuttering and lag spiking. It occured on both single and multiplayer games and on powerful and weak games so I ruled out internet problems and having too weak a computer. After tons of messing around with my GPU and ram and calling support, I now believe the processor is the problem. I downloaded CPU-Z to monitor my i5 and to my surprise when it is just idling it runs at 3.2ghz, but when I am running a game that is stuttering to run the core speed drops to 500 mhz, is there somethin I am missing or does this sound like the problem?