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    SR300 does not work in Ubunut 16.04, RealSense SKD 2.0 (RealSens Viewer) in Depth Camera and RGB Camera Simultaneous Mode.


      Hi everyone,

      I have not been able to use Depth Camera since Windows 10 pro 1703.

      I hoped to be solved in 1709 but failed.


      So I tested in the Ubuntu 16.04 environment.

      I installed RealSens SDK 2.0 and got the following interesting test results.

      SR300 to PC USBRGB Camera Only
      Depth Camera Only
      1.0 meter USB 3.0 cableoknot oknot ok
      0.5 meter USB 3.0 cableokoknot ok
      1 meter cable and powed hubokoknot ok
      0.5 meter cable and powed hubokokok(But Unstable)

      (The 1.0 meter cable above is genuine SR300, and 0.5 meter is genuine Euclid. The PC is NUC7i7 with 16GB and ORICO A3H4 USB 3.0 HUB)


      In other words, the power supply is presumed to be a major factor in malfunction.

      Reduces power consumption even when distance detection range is reduced, and requests stable SR300 firmware revision. (Laser power adjustment etc... )