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    Power supply fan noise


      Hi Sergio,



      I have the loud PSU fan problem with this redundant PSU chassis also.



      Seems to be a seating problem with the PSUs and the cage...


      If we firmly seat the PSUs in the slots we can "temporarily" fix the problem of PSU fan/(s) ramping up intermittently.


      But if the server gets transported / moved the problem re-appears.



      When the problem occurs, the server shows no alert status (the status LED is solid green - no problems reported), however one of the PSU fans is spinning at a very high RPM.

      if you then re-seat the PSU, it silences the fans, and all is OK again.




      This problem has occurred in 3 different new servers for us.



      Is there a chance there is a known Firmware or Physical Hardware problem with these PSU & Cages

      (Please note i've had the PSUs and cage replaced by Intel and the problem still exists)





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          Hello Robert,


          Thank you for quick response.


          In an effort to better assist you, can please indicate the Intel Server System you are working with?

          Also, can you please provide more details in this topic: " But if the server gets transported / moved the problem re-appears".

          Why do need to move the server around, and how do you transport this server?


          Your prompt response is highly appreciated.



          Jeremiah A.

          Intel(R) Technical Support

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            Hi Jeremiah,


            It's the Intel Server Chassis P4000XXSFDR with the S1200SPLR server board.


            Moving the server from the us to the installer, then the installer to the client. (end user)

            It is transported in the original box and packaging via courier.


            This has happened with 3 different servers same symptoms so the reason for the support case is to check if this is a common problem?




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              Any news on this issue ?


              We've just deployed another 2 of this model server and they both have the same problem of the PSU fans intermittantly spinning up very loud!!


              Please advise the best course of action as its several servers now that have the same problem!