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    resize COLOR, DEPTH & IR




      I'm currently trying the SDK R2 (in java and c++) and I have some issues concerning the resize of streams.

      The color stream is in 1920x1080, depth and IR are in 640x480.

      I'd like to scale the 3 streams so they are at exactly the same size and stackable (currently depth & IR are ok, obviously)

      Ideally, they should be at the same size as color stream (1920x1080) so I can also add landmark points.

      I tried QueryUVMap, QueryInvUVMap, but in any case I loose information : if I put color to depth size, there are only the color pixels corresponding to depth. if I put depth to color size, it's ok but I can't resize IR to color size.

      Is there any way to achieve having the three streams at the same size ?

      I think I'm actually very close, the main problematic stream is IR that can't be correctly resized..

      Thanks in advance for your help !