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    ULP Tool


      Hi all


      i got a Maximus VII Impact with a bug on RJ45. The motherboard look good but the RJ45 is in "CODE 10" in Windows manager. I try many solutions but no one done. It's the i218-v component.


      Solution 1 : Unplug all power cable and unplug the cmos battery => no effect

      Solution 2 : Put Boot as normal in motherboard bios => no effect

      Solution 3 : Disable rj45 in bios / boot / reboot / enable rj45 in bios / reboot => no effect

      Solution 4 : Disable rj45 in Windows manager / reboot / enable rj45 in Windows manager / reboot => no effect

      Solution 5 : Update rj45 in Windows manager => no effect because the rj45 is in "CODE 10"


      i read there is a litlle tool named UPL Tool, tool able to flash the rj45 rom. I need it to try if i can repair this rj45 slot.


      perhaps it will have no effect but i have to try on my motherboard. If anyone have other solution i'll appreciate a lot.


      Kind Regards