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    Assistance Please...need driver (64 bits Windows Pro) for Core 2 Duo T9500 laptop chipset


      Gentlemen & Ladies,


      Due to a change of OS ( fresh/ clean) installation of Windows from original OS 32 bits Vista Ultimate sp2 to Windows 7-Professional-64 bits, and a replacement of solid state drives, makes me believe I will need to replace the driver for the Intel processor.


      My laptop is a good old Sony Vaio VGN-AR770 that has Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6 GHz / Or called PM965? processor.

      BIOS info: Pheonix Tech LTD, version R2080J8


      I tried using the " Intel Driver & Support Assist " , but the scanning takes forever.


      I went back to Sony's website for driver/software, but they only have the 32 bits version/ Vista available for my laptop.


      Due to the installation of OS was done on a clean/ flash basis, i believe the original driver for the intel chipset is gone, now perhaps running on Windows 7 Professional genetic driver??


      Would anyone give me the link for the driver, please?


      Or should download & install the 32 bits driver from Sony's website and then try the "Intel Driver & Support Assist" ?? Will this brings me a blue screen of death ?? I mean mixing 32 bits driver with 64 bits platform???


      p.s. Earlier I asked for assistance at yr RAID section for driver, because my laptop has the RAID as well, and Alberto was so nice to help me got the RAID set up.


      Thank you in advance,