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    Intel DSA (Driver Support Assistant, v


      Usually when I run it it correctly detects my Intel HD 4400 Graphics Processor.

      This time after Windows updated to the latest Driver:- - it does not show the Graphics Processor.

      I'm wondering if its a problem with DSA,

      My OS:- Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      V- 1709; Build - 16299.19


      Any help gratefully appreciated.

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          Al Hill

          Forget the IDSA and go directly to the HD4400 graphics page/downloads:

          Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 4400

          Save the above link for future use.


          And, yes, there are problems with the IDSA.



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            Al, genius idea.

            Will they fix that glitch??

            Also how often do new drivers come out and does Windows Update catch them??


            Again thanks.

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              Al Hill

              Now, on those two questions, I have no idea.  I can tell you the IDSA is being worked on.

              Best just to check the driver link periodically.



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                Al, or should I say Doc,

                Looks like the updates are between 3 and 5 months apart according to the drivers page of the support site.

                So I'll be okay.

                Just a final question before bagging some zzzzz, if and when IDSA is fixed, will it update auto or will a manual download be necessary.

                Again thanks



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                  Al Hill

                  I do not believe IDSA is that sophiscated.   It may phone home when you run it to check for a new version, but that is just a guess.


                  Al, Doc, Hey You, and various forms of 4-letter words will usually get my attention<G>.



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                    Intel Corporation
                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                    Hello Carlus

                    Thank you for reaching the Intel Communities.

                    I understand you would like to use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to install the drivers easily. For sure we are working on the tool to keep on improving it.

                    In this case, maybe you can check the following question in the FAQ: "Why doesn't the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant find my hardware?"


                    This was probably caused by a customized driver from your system's manufacturer.

                    • The drivers' release dates from Intel(R) do not have a specific timeframe
                    • If there is an update, the tool may tell you, updates can also be found at the Drivers & Software


                    If you happen to have further questions, let me know.


                    Esteban C

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                      Totally Useless reply Esteban C

                      I have just reinstalled the latest driver for my HD 4400 Graphics Processor; exactly the same one that Windows Update on Windows 10 got me while I was on the Insider Preview/Drivers and Fixes only.

                      It still does not show it.

                      IDSA needs fixing so that it'll show the hardware product like it did before.

                      Until that is fixed I shall periodically check the Drivers download page for updated drivers for this GPU.

                      Meanwhile, a little logical thinking would not go amiss.

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                        Here is my read on the situation (based upon similar situations I have seen in the past - and being an outsider looking in): The Intel HD Graphics package contains two drivers, the Intel HD Graphics driver and the Intel HD Audio driver. When one of these drivers is changed, its version number and the overall package version number will need to change. At some later point, if the other driver is changed, its version number and the overall package version number will need to change. All it takes is one change to make the version numbers inconsistent. The question becomes: If you modify one driver, should you increment the version number for the other driver at the same time just so that they are all consistent? If you did, this could be misconstrued as being a change in that other driver when none has actually occurred. It gets more complicated if you consider that the drivers may be managed by totally different development groups. That is, feature additions and bug fixes are handled independently, as required and based upon resources available. Changing both drivers' version numbers means that the changes have to flow back in the other direction as well, meaning a synchronization between the two groups. This creates a lot of complications for the groups - and their source code databases - considering that they likely have developers working on multiple issues in parallel. It would obviously get even more complicated if more than two drivers are involved. What if there were 10 drivers? Anyway, at present, right or wrong, Intel has decided that the version number for the overall package is not going to match the version numbers for either of the drivers included.


                        In order for IDSA to handle this, it needs a database that tells it what driver(s) are included in a package and what the corresponding version numbers for these driver(s) is/are. Only then could it relate the drivers that it sees installed on a system with the packages being offered. This is obviously more complicated than just tracking package version numbers and is taking them longer to get right...


                        Make sense?


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                          Now that makes a whole lot of common sense.



                          My Audio driver is a Realtek one, because the Motherboard uses it.

                          The GPU is a separate thing - I hope this is making sense Scott.

                          When I unzipped the latest driver package, the graphics driver was exactly the same as the one that Windows Update via the Insider program (RS_1), gave me:-

                          I doubt that the audio driver will have any use.

                          In any case, the last update of the package, may only have installed the graphics driver.

                          A separate Realtek HD Audio driver is used for sound.

                          Again, thanks for the explanation

                          I hope my reply was not too long winded and made sense, Scott.



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                            In this day and age, where the graphics output channels (DP and HDMI) also include audio, you have two distinct and separate audio devices, the Intel HD Audio device, which is used to output audio to DP- or HDMI-based monitor (or TV) and an audio solution on the motherboard - like your RealTek solution - which is used to handle audio output to standalone (analog) speakers and headphones (Note: for simplicity, I am ignoring the possibility of a downstream DP or HDMI device - like a HT Receiver - that also could be driving standalone speakers or headphones).


                            As we know, Windows will only support one audio output device. Now, by default - by which I mean those cases where you haven't explicitly marked the RealTek solution as being the default output - if the driver detects that the downstream DP or HDMI device(s) include an audio output capability - and most TVs do include this capability - then it will automatically expose an entry for this output capability (typically as "Intel HD Audio" or something like that) and this capability will take over being the current output device. Some have described this as the device suddenly appearing in Windows.


                            That should explain that part of it...


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                              Default device on my PC is Realtek with Creative speakers.

                              My Monitor does not have speakers, it is completely separate from Speakers.


                              A very succinct explanation there.

                              The Setting in Windows shows: -  Speakers, Realtek High Definition Audio, Default Device.

                              The Intel audio would work on one of those 2-in-1 notebooks.

                              My Desktop does not have that capability.


                              Nicely explained Scott,


                              Many thanks



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                                No problem. I actually made some edits to that response a short time ago to make it a little more readable (though I do suffer from verbal diarrhea and my responses can be difficult to follow as a result).


                                Ok, now *you* are confusing me. Are you saying that your problem is fixed? Is there anything left for us to discuss (other than IDSA reporting things as needed that have already been installed - which will be fixed in the fulness of time)?


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                                  I reckon the sound/audio thing has been fixed

                                  You're right, just the IDSA thing to be fixed

                                  You explained it very well Scott.

                                  Many thanks again.

                                  If there is anything else, you are definitely the 'go to guy'

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                                    Methinks the IDSA might well update itself, as it scans for updates, either on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly frequency (Settings).

                                    I'm on Weekly Scanning.

                                    Again, thanks for your help

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