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    Intel HD 620 on Yoga 920 laptop not displaying full RGB over usb-c


      I have a Yoga 920 laptop with Intel HD 620 graphics, only usb-c ports, and no HDMI port. I bought a usb-c to HDMI adapter and have it connected to my LG television. The blacks are gray. The black level is set to "high" on the TV by default, which uses full RGB. If I set it to "low", which uses limited RGB, the blacks look normal. This means the Intel graphics is sending a limited RGB signal to my TV. How do I change it to full RGB? Normally, if outputting via HDMI from a dedicated HDMI port, there would be a "quantization" option in the Intel graphics control panel to switch from limited to full RGB. However, since this is through usb-c, there is no such option in the control panel. My previous laptop with a different usb-c adapter had the same issue of missing quantization settings.