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    900P in U.2 and PCIE plus VROC on X299


      I have an Asrock X299 Taichi XE board with 3 M.2 slots.

      Can I use the U.2/M.2 drive (or 2) and RAID0 it with 2 900P PCIE 480 GB drives?

      ( I will have fans, no worries)

      If so, which VROC key should be used?

      The VROCISSDMOD or the VRPCSTANMOD key, or will either work?

      In addition, the U.2 drive with M.2 hardware part, what is the specific item/part number(s) for it?

      I am ready to pull the trigger on some drives, and do not want to get something that won't work.

      I already have VROC keys.

      Thank you.