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    NUC 5i5RYH in S3 sleeping state: what electrical power is still available per back panel USB 3.0 port?


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      When the NUC 5i5RYH is in S3 sleeping state, what electrical power is still available per back panel USB 3.0 port? Is there a particular setting in the BIOS to configure the back panel USB 3.0 ports 'power level' in S3 (I haven't found yet)? This would be a great extra feature for a future BIOS update ;-)


      I'd like to use a gigabit network LAN switch [Renkforce gigabit network lan switch (RJ45) 1423415 4 Port, usb-powered], which is consuming less than 500 mA in total maximum (5 V). Its USB electrical power cable should be plugged into a USB 3.0 hub that is connected to one of the NUC's back panel USB 3.0 ports.


      Two devices are already plugged into the USB hub: (1.) An archgon (Panasonic Matshita UJ-272) blu-ray player/recorder, which is used very rarely. In standby it consumes very little power. (2.) The USB extender cable with the small Blootooth sender/receiver for the Logitech Illuminated LR Keyboard K830. It has also very low energy consumption.


      If the NUC isn't used, it turns into the S3 sleeping state. From a router (Fritz!Box 7490) a Wake on LAN magic packet can be send easily to activate the NUC quickly. If the router sends this WOL signal to the switch (instead of directly to the NUC), the WOL should still work properly. Therefore, the switch must receive sufficient power, even if the NUC is in S3 ;-)


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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