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    Cannot install Intel HD Graphics ( Intel core i3 7100)


      Hi every one and Intel support team,

      My desktop uses win 10 64bit, core i3 7100 and card 1050Ti, when i checked "Display adapters", it only shows 1050Ti card driver . I downloaded the lastest version of Intel HD graphics to install. But I can not install it, because the error is " this computer does not meet minimum requirements ". Please help me to install intel HD graphics for this issue.

      Thank you for your support!


      p/s: my display is connected directly with 1050Ti by HDMI.

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          Al Hill

          It is likely that your 1050TI graphics card, when inserted, disables intel graphics.

          To check, remove your 1050ti, connect your monitor to the onboard graphics port, boot you PC.  If the onboard graphics work, then you have no problems.


          The only other thing you can do is to check the bios of your motherboard to see if it allows BOTH graphics to work at the same time.