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    Intel Confidential QHQG 2.20 L501C290 CPU



      Are this seller on Aliexpress https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/INTEL-QHQG-Engineering-version-ES-of-I7-processor-CPU-2-2GHz-L501-Q0-step-quad-core/32819304190.html  has permissions to sell Intel Confidential processors or not? Seller says he has provided the autorization file/purchase invoice from the brand (INTEL) owner: is it real or seller lies?

      Can you tell me: does this processor have sales authorizations or not?

      Need I write to mail corporate.security@intel.com to initiane an investigation because this processor is for sale against the Intel rules?

      Thank you!

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          Engineering Sample processors are pre-production units provided for ODMs, OEMs, etc. to evaluate their use in new board designs, etc. They are and continue to remain the property of Intel Corporation and no one has the right to resell them. So, to answer your question, yes, you should report them.



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