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    dh55tc board won't post with 4gb ram


      Had a new pc built with the dh55tc board and i3 530 cpu and 2[2gb] mushkin ram. on first startup and several more it would shutdown and restart over and over. ram was in the black slots so switched them to the blue[0] slots and same thing. pulled 1 stick out and it runs good--same for both. installed win7 pro 64 and updated drivers. tried many times yesterday[3-19-10] to update bios to 0028[box shows 0027 on post] using the express method or .exe file but it still shows 0027 bios.....says the flash went okay when done......today the intel site d/l will not load--are they down for maint? i want to be able to use all 4gb of ram.  will the bios update fix this or should I change ram brand--have 3/4 days for RMA left so i need to move on this -----any help would be appreciated...