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    Can I replace a I3-350M by a I7-2670QM ?


      I have a I7-2670QM on an old broken laptop and an other laptop with a I3-350M , so I want to take the I7-2670QM to put on this laptop.
      There are both FC-PGA988 socket , but on Intel Core i7 2670QM vs i3 370M

      they said

      Socket type: I7-2670QM I3-350M
          rPGA 988B X  
          BGA 1288 O
          rPGA 988A O

      So is it incompatible ? Or is it a very little difference wich isn't important ?


      Thank you

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          In order for a processor to be used, it must be socket, board and BIOS compatible. Based upon the chart, it does not appear that they are socket compatible. I also rather doubt that they are board compatible; these processors are from different generations and match up with different (5 and 6 series) chipsets. Finally, for a processor to be supported, the board's BIOS must include support for it. I rather doubt that processors from these two generation would be supported by the same BIOS.


          All this said, the final say needs to come from the manufacturer of the target unit. Only they will be able to tell you what the board and BIOS will support. You thus need to contact them - but don't get your hope up.