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    Some times boot well, some time boot bad.


      Hi Guys


      I have the following problem, 2 out of 5 times I start the NUC, windows 10 hangs at the start or the start menu or edge does not work.


      Even though I have all the drivers updated, the intel update tool tells me to update 3 drivers. The Bios is updated to the latest version.


      I have formatted the PC and I have the same problems again.


      The first time I installed windows, it was done through the BIOS, I thought that was the problem, the second time I installed it I did it through UEFI with the same result

      My NUC is the 5CPYH model. I have a CRUCIAL RAM of 8GB DDR3L. My SSD is a Zheino SATA II 120 gb.


      ¿Can you help me please?