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    NUC6i7KYK keeps freezing (With Crucial Memory BLS2K16G4S240FSD/CT8902660), help needed please...




      I have an NUC617KYK, which was bought about a year ago, but was unused.


      Last week I bought a new SSD and 32gb of Memory to finally get it going..


      The Memory is;

      Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) SODIMM 260-Pin - BLS2K16G4S240FSD

      The SSD is;

      Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 (2280) Internal Solid State Drive - CT525MX300SSD


      I cannot get the NUC to remain stable, it constantly freezes.

      The screen stays on, nothing is garbled, but the mouse and anything onscreen just freezes, if it is in sleep mode it freezes with a black screen.

      It freezes during a Win10 install. It freezes after 10, 20, 12, 28 minutes, when Idle or under load.. No rhyme or reason really.

      Usually just as  I click the mouse though

      I have managed to install Win10 by lowering the CAS Latency and taking the lid off, which definitely helped a little (enough to install Win10).

      (Latest BIOS and latest MS Win10 Iso from MS, and latest driver set from Intel)

      Debian 9.0 installed beautifully (in non-graphical install) and runs pretty smooth until pushed at which point it also freezes in the same way as windows.


      Having gone through the forums here a little, I can see  that my memory is technically unverified,

      although I chose it because the crucial website listed it as compatible and a couple of online reviews used it in tests and seemed to have no issues.


      Has anyone had any issues (or luck) with this memory?


      I have tried changing the timings, speed, and multiplier down, but it hasn't made any difference, the NUC eventually freezes.

      I'm a little unsure about how I should be changing the settings and basically just bumping them down a few notches.

      I don't even know half of the memory settings in the BIOS, the last time I played with memory timings it was literally the turn of the century! (a Pentium II  if I recall...)


      Should I return the memory and get a verified set? or Is it the NUC that needs returning?

      Or can a NUC guru help me out with memory timings (if it is that)?