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    Mega issues with SR300 , SDK runtime and face rig


      i've just got an SR300, i've read through all of the discussions and such on here followed advice but seem to be having problems still.


      I can't get it to track my hands and hand movement.


      I'm using a logitech C920 and the SR300 together.


      on a previous install i had managed to get ti to add the real sense camera and on the left it said hand tracking ok. but there wasn't a track box around my hand etc and the avatar didnt move their hands or arms.


      everything in the settings was turned on so realsense track hands,cheeks and toungue.

      (incidentily it was tracking the tongue and cheek movement fine)


      my Depth camera manage is on 3.3 and so on.


      I uninstalled everything to wipe the slate clean but now I can add the Reasense camera.


      It's going back to saying couldnt find SDK runtime etc


      I tried follow another ppost which said to go into the steam directory and install manually.

      which is did but the installer crash and said intergrity check failed "source file is incorrect intel_rs_sdk_runtime ... "

      But this gets to a point and says that this source file


      Is incorrect

      any help would be appreciated

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