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    Can I run a SR300 Developer Kit on a E5v3?


      I want try to use SR300 Developer Kit with my e5 2699v3.

      But I do not know if it is compatible with e5v3


      who has e5v3 can test this?THKS

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          Officially according to the RealSense specifications, a Xeon processor should not work with the camera.  Unofficially they do defy the specification and work sometimes.  The chances of it working though depend on the V number of the processor.  A V5 Xeon with a 'Broadwell E' type chip architecture has a 50% chance of working with an SR300.  With a V3 like the one you have though, I have only known one case where this camera has worked with this processor, unfortunately.


          The V3 has a 'Haswell' type 4th generation processor architecture from 2014.  This means that the older R200 camera model should work with it, since its minimum specification is also 4th generation Haswell.  A newer SR300 model though has a minimum specification of 6th generation Skylake processor.