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    Changing Boards D865glc troubles


      Two things I had two sata sockets that have broke on my old board so that the sata cables would not remain connected.  So I got a new board exact replacement D865glc and installed it. Had a time figuring out the front panel header connections but finally got them right I believe.  Tried to boot up, but did not boot,monitor said no signal, took out battery for hour, rebooted, nothing.  Changed memory, no boot.  So I decided to reinstall the old, board, changed processor and all things, reinstalled all connections, etc.  then tried to boot up and it booted, but after about 20 seconds it shut done, pushed the button to restart and it began to boot gave four beeps and shut down.  I would like your ideas on how I can get either setup to work.

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          I would recommend testing the motherboard out of the chassis to discard grounding issues.

          Also make sure the processor is properly installed, and also try the system with no RAM to see if you hear 3 beeps.

          If you hear 3 beeps there is a problem with the motherboard, if the processor works fine on another motherboard, then this one is defective.


          Keep in mind that the Intel(R) desktop board D865GLC is end of interactive support, this means that Intel no longer provie support via chat, email or phone for this product. The only support available for this product is the one located at:


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            Thanks for your reply aldopho:

                 I will try the board again without memory, the processor works fine on original board, and I would use it except the 2 sata sockets on the board have deteriorated over the years and have cracked off due to movement of cables over time.  Now I cannot get the cables to remain in contact with the pins.  Thus the new board.

                 I suppose it could be the new board is faulty.