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    Inter-UAV collision avoidance




      We're planning to develop an inter-UAV collision avoidance system for outdoors, based on a Real Sense.


      I've have seen that the straight forward way of doing that is using the Aero Platform. Here, I have a couple of questions:

      1. What is the depth range for outdoors? I know that it may depend on many different conditions like lightning... Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know what would be the maximum distance with which an UAV can detect another UAV under the assumption that they are high on the air and the UAVs could only see either sky or another UAV.
      2. Does Intel provide a functionality in the SDK that calculates the distance to the closes obstacle?


      In addition, there exist another Real Sense systems apart from the Aero, which offer a higher depth range according to specifications. Here a question:

      1. For our specific application, would you recommend any of the other Real Sense systems better than the Aero?
      2. If not, could you summarize what you see as the main advantages of using Aero?