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    Create RAID Volume option not available


      When connecting to the RAID controller configuration screen from the BIOS of our DELL OptiPlex 3050, we don't have the option to create a RAID volume. Both disks we have installed are visible (RaidController.PNG).

      It's not according to the instructions on how to setup the RAID (How to Configure Raid on a Dell Desktop PC | Dell US ) where we see an option "Create RAID Volume" (Point 4.3 in Section "Newer Desktops sold with Windows 8/10 installed on UEFI")


      In the Disk Manager (DiskManager.PNG) we can see that on Disk 0 we have the OS (Windows 10 Pro) installed and still some unpartitioned space. The entire Disk 1 is unpartitioned.

      Also in Windows in the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" application we don't see a link to create the volume (RSTwithoutLink.PNG). It seem to me that it should look rather like on the picture "RSTwithLink.PNG" that I found on the internet.


      In the BIOS we have SATA Operation set to "RAID On".


      Thanks for any input. If I can't make this work I will have to buy an additional dedicated RAID controller.


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