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    Unable to install W7 on 40gb x25v


      Just got my new SSD and wanted to use it as my main OS drive. I only have an upgrade copy of W7 so I had to install my copy of XP first. I was able to install XP normally. When I attempted to install the W7 upgrade all seemed fine until the last step of the install. The install seemed to hang, I waitied 20 minutes and finally did a hard power down on the PC.


      Now it seems my PC won't recognize the drive properly. It shows up in disk manager correctly but I am unable to format it or write any data to it.


      I am hoping I can just start my install of XP/W7 over again.


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          You would`ve better success if you could format the SSD under Vista/win7 in any other computer. After that put it back in your computer and when you install your XP, DON`T format the SSD, just install it and carry on. Vista and Win7 can properly align the SSD, XP doesn`t support SSD.

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            Well after a long weekend of playing around with this I have discovered that I am able to install XP pro (32bit), Vista Ultimate (32-bit) but Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) will not install.


            I am just going to return this drive and get a small raptor or something. The whole idea was to make life easy for me if I ever needed to re-install my OS.


            These drives are obviously not ready for prime time.


            Maybe next year...?

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              Don't be too quick to blame the drive. If it were me, veryfity the drive with a full diagnostic scan in the intel toolbox, HDDerase it, install vista, install win7 upgrade.