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    i7 8700k damaged ?



      I acidently took out a cpu from the motherboard socket, now 2 pins on the MB socket is broken which mean the MB is dead, but as in the picture my cpu lost a half of the small plate, is it still usable ?. Thanks.

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          Can be worst see

          8700k element

          IMO it should work this way...

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            Intel Corporation
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            : Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities and for sharing the picture. We will do our best to try to provide the information you are looking for.

            In regard to your inquiry, it is hard to tell for sure if the processor is still functional or not, there are some cases where the problem is almost the same and it still works, but also there are some scenarios where the unit does not work properly or does not work at all, specially if there is a function related to that pin. The best way to confirm that, will be by testing the processor on a different board to make sure if it works or not.

            Any further questions, please let me know.

            Alberto R

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              Is the cpu damaged? i'd be willing to buy the cpu off you if you dont need it/ it doesnt work anymore.