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    fan control NUC6i5 Ubuntu




      I got Ubuntu 16.04 installed on my NUC6i5 and it works fine, only the fans are too loud and cannot be detetcted by Ubuntu Software for this seems to be an Intel problem.


      Now, I got an dualboot system installed - Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16.04 and the curious thing is, that under Windows the fan control of Bios/UEFI works fine-silent after correcting UEFI fan-settings, (newest bios), but does not work under Ubuntu correctly: much too loud!

      Also curious: Starting windows immediately after Ubuntu, the fan is yet silent, the CPU seems to be very cold!


      Please, please, is there a possibility to repair this, eventually by a bios update?

      The sound of the fan under Ubuntu is very disturbing!

      And I'm using Ubuntu most of the time. The NUC is such a fine computer, he has to get a real chance also for Linux!


      Also, if anybody has a solution via Ubuntu yet, please let me know!




      Thank you for your efforts, I hope to hear from you!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Bolzo,
          I understand that the fan is making a loud noise when you run Ubuntu 16.04.
          Let me apologize for any inconvenience this issue may be causing to you.
          In order to help you better I would like to gather more information about the configuration you have in the computer.  Please attach to this thread the .txt file the Intel® System Support Utility will generate https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility
          Please generate the file from Windows 10*.
          To attach a file, you must click “Use Advanced Editor” on the upper right hand corner of the response box, then the “attach” option will appear on the bottom right hand corner of the response box.
          Fred D.

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            again thank you for your efforts!

            Now I recognized a new thing:

            when I completely stop the Ubuntu 16.04 and at once start  the Win10, the fans are soon quiet in Win10.

            But when I restart the NUC in Ubuntu to Win 10, the fans are also  producing noise in Win10.

            What Bios Trouble is this?


            To this trouble, the power/shutdown under Win10 does not works properly, unknown process  (blue Led of NUC) must be killed by 3 seconds pushing the powerbutton of the NUC.


            I hope you can help me,

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              I can think of a few possibilities:


              1. Your Ubuntu stack is doing something to the Super I/O IC that is used in the NUC and this is causing the fan speed control to work incorrectly.
              2. Your Ubuntu stack is not enabling all power management features and this the processor is being kept busier and thus the fan runs louder.


              For item 1, one thing I can think of for you to try is to install any available updates to the lm-sensors package.


              Hope this helps,


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                1. the lm-sensors is the actual version, but it only shows the temperature, not the fans and their revolutions. Maybe it's a problem of Ubuntu - I am no expert!


                2. the lm-sensors shows the temperature of 42°C Core 0 and core1, and the temperature is slowly going down. Is this really too hot? I don't know!

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                  once again:

                  2. when I go from "hot" Ubuntu to UEFI or to win10, the fans reduce immediately from 3500 to 2400(rpm?) at 45°C . So I can't believe that the Ubuntu system is really hot.


                  I think the problem is the missing fan in lm sensors, though it shoud be managed by bios, not by Ubuntu.

                  If you believe that it is a problem of Linux or Ubuntu, please let me know, then I will post it there.


                  Regards, Bolzo

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                    In this NUC model, the fan speed control is being done by the Super I/O (SIO) IC. During POST, the BIOS programs in the algorithm to be used and starts it running. It isn't involved after that. The SIO free runs the algorithms from there. If something strange is happening to this programming, it is something in the O/S environment that is causing it.


                    While the lm-sensors stack is only supposed to be accessing the IC for monitoring purposes, it is always possible that it has a bug and is disaffecting the fan speed control programming.


                    Your scenario can be explaned easily. Because POST occurs between the two environments, the SIO is reprogrammed and, if the temperature has dropped or the fan was being artificially held at higher speeds, it would drop during the POST as the reprogramming takes place...



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                      good morning!


                      well I think I have got an imagination of the problem with your help. So I had a look what this SIO IC is.

                      I now will post this on a Ubuntu forum and hope they will solve the problem.

                      I won't like to close it as solved, maybe somebody reads it by this site and gets to the real solution.


                      My opinion is, the small form pc's belongs the future, not only as media center, much more as working place!

                      Thank you very much,


                      with kindest regards,

                      S. Eckle

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                        Try disabling thermald (which is enabled by default). E.g: sudo service thermald stiop
                        More info: https://01.org/linux-thermal-daemon/documentation/introduction-thermal-daemon

                        It can be flaky sometimes, affecting P-state on HWE ubuntu kernel, especially in 16.04.3.

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                          thank you TMASHP,


                          I disabled thermald, but it disaffects nothing.


                          The changes of fancontrol I made under BIOS/UEFI don't come through. But in BIOS and Windows they do.


                          The fan revolutions are constantly 3500rpm, they ought to be  2400rpm.

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                            sorry, of course it affects nothing...

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                              Try booting with this flag in grub: acpi=off

                              You could have a nuvoton module loading, u can install lm-sensors, and check using sensors command, you should only see cpu ISA temps, and acpi temps, not the rest of the readings like voltage.
                              You can post lsmod output here, and kernel version using the command uname -a

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                                thank you,

                                I am no expert: must I type this flag in the command line of grub2? If yes, how can I then start my Ubuntu, or am I completely wrong?