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    Intel RealSense Depth Camara D415


      Hello everyone,


      Did some know if the Intel RealSense Depth Camara is delivered with?:

      o   Intel® RealSense™ Depth Module D415

      o   Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 Card

      o   Camera Flex Interposer


      Thank you in advance for your support.


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          The D415 camera has the D410 camera module board and the D435 camera has the D430 camera module board.


          Both the D415 and D435 cameras have the Vision Processor D4.


          The interposer is usually a board attached to the main camera module board that the camera's cable plugs into.  So with the case-less bare module versions of RealSense cameras, the interposer board may be sold separately from the main camera module board.  And the cable that connects to this connector is sometimes called the Interposer Cable.


          With the cased RealSense Developer Kit cameras, a USB Cable is used.


          So if you were buying the cased D415 or D435 RealSense Developer Kit cameras, the USB cable that connects to the interposer would surely be included.  And the interposer board is already built into the casing


          If you bought the bare caseless version of the camera (a D410 or D430 camera module) then you would likely have to purchase the camera module board, interposer board, cable and the connector parts separately.

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            Thanks to Jesus Garcia for liking my reply, as it reminded me to say that since my first message above was written, a new information page has been published for the D415 and D435 cameras that reveals that Module Kit versions of these cameras will be available.


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              Hi MartyG,

              thank you for your support and your  details your gave in your message, it was very useful for me.

              Again thank you a lot.


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                You are very welcome.  Please come back to the forum any time that you have more questions.