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    Windows were shrunk and moved to top left conner


      Dear all

      When my NUC resumed from monitor standby, The desktop windows will be shrunk and moved to top left conner and piled up togather.

      This problem is totally non understandable to me.   I am using a 4k monitor, and normally will open about 10 windows at the same time.  I will carefully arange these windows to proper locations and sizes for my working efficency.   I was totally astounded when first time I saw all of my opened windows were shrinked and moved to top left conner and piled up togather, when monitor resumed from standby.  I have to move and resize all of them to work again.  So, each time when i resume nuc, i will demn it.


      Do anyone have samilar problems, please let Intel knows



      Wang Wei

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          This is a known issue and it definitely affects all sorts of people. Intel is looking into it. If I understand correctly, their current position is that this is occurring as a result of an inconsistency (bug?) in the Windows APIs - but this doesn't explain why the drivers from NVIDIA and ATI/AMD do not suffer from the same issue. Bottom line, we'll have to wait and see if Intel can come up with a fix. How long this will take is anybody's guess...


          Hope this helps,


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            I guess there will be no time,  for i hear that intel have worked with AMD to make new APU, i think this means  intel graphic is died.

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              I have this problem too.


              Since, hmm... a few weeks back, I've updated the BIOS and all drivers as found necessary, including the graphics drivers - and I dunno, but I think the problem is worse!


              (I was using some Intel offsite driver update checker, but now use the online one (Intel® Driver & Support Assistant ) - it's showing I'm currently up-to-date.)


              It's pretty annoying eh.


              I also get the speaker beeping... a noise to say "hello the monitor's not just gone to sleep, the NUC has lost it" (well I think that's what it is for), and then a few seconds later, comes back to life.

              I know at that point, all my windows will be reset.  It's like the OS no longer knows the position of the windows, so just sets 'em all near top-left.


              This beeping thing will re-occur every few minutes sometimes, and sometimes after up to an hour or so.  Not much rhyme or reason to it.

              So if I want to leave the PC going, and head off to bed (next room), I have to remember to mute the speaker!


              Please sort this Intel!   I think your latest graphics drivers (Sept?) are worse than the previous ones!