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    Intel Wireless AC 9260 -- Integrate


      Here is a link to the Intel Wireless AC 9260.




      I am interested in developing an Intel approved process and package for adding the AC 9260 to existing laptops and desktops.


      There are a few items to work through.


      1.  We need to install and configure the AC 9260 so that the completed system would comply with FCC Radio standards.


      2.  Since the majority of laptops contain a BIOS whitelist that would normally prevent user upgrades of the Wi-Fi chip, there needs to be a simple configuration update in the install to confirm that the Wireless AC 9260 chip is compatible and compliant in the pc or laptop.


      3.  Here are  two links to adapters that I believe would work for a  mini pci-e based common laptop install.


      A.  The R65SF from BESTAR. 


      Mini PCIe mPCIe WiFi WAN To M.2 WIFI A.E key / Mini PCI e mSATA / M.2 NVMe Riser Card adapter Extender Cable 8Gbps Custo…




      B.  The  M2MP1 from peoplemarketing...


      New M2MP1 (M.2 NGFF to Mini PCIe (PCIe+USB Adapter) support Full size and half size mPCIe slot/Bluetooth Mini Card-in C…


      Now the questions....



      1.  What are the chipset requirements for the machine to be upgraded?

      I am using a Toshiba Portege M780-s7240 and it works well with the

      Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 upgrade.


      2.  How do we design a Wireless AC 9260 Kit that achieves these goals?


      3.  Would either or both of these adapters work?



      The item A.  has both the A key and E key for the m.2

      The item B. has only the E key.


      When will Intel Wireless AC 9260   (9260NGW) product be available to test?





      Kent Smith

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello ksmith9109,

          We understand that you're looking to upgrade several computers to the new Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 adapters. Since these systems use the HMC form factor for wireless, you are also looking for the best HMC to M.2 adapter to use.

          Please bear in mind that the approval for this procedure must come from the respective computer manufacturers, as it's the system as a whole that will require FCC approval, not the adapter (which already has FCC certification). Antennas will also factor into this, and they are not provided by us.

          Site note, you will likely need different antennas. HMC adapters use Ipex/U.fl, while M.2 wireless adapters generally use Ipex/Mhf4. Since this adapter has just become available to OEMs, and has not started it's support life cycle, I'm unable to confirm if it will use the standard antenna type.

          Key-wise, both adapters should work for this wireless adapter. But we have not tested them, nor do we support this configuration, we can't promise they offer full functionality or performance. When it comes to M.2, having the wrong key in your slot is a limiting factor. "Missing" a key, on the other hand, shouldn't affect anything.

          The Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 is currently listed as launched, which only means that it's available for computer manufacturers to order. We do not sell wireless products directly to end users. They can only be purchased from your computer manufacturer directly.

          Our recommendation in this case, since you will need to contact your laptop OEM for assistance with the white-list and integration/regulatory approval, you can check to see if they can help you order the adapters. 

          - Regulatory Information Regarding Wireless Hardware Installation or Upgrade
          - Can I Purchase Wireless Adapters from Intel?

          If this is a large scale project, you can also reach out to our design and development team for assistance, or for assistance developing a wireless kit: Technical Resources for Designers, Engineers, and Developers

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.