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    8700k element


      Hello Intel,

      I accidentally pushed a capacitor beneath the CPU


      The one in the lower left side from the picture above. Could someone please tell the what is the capacity and parameters of it as cannot find any document related with the CPU.

      The board is not booting w/o it just 00 error code. As the fault of pushing it was mine I want to try to re-solder the element but need to know the correct value. Don't want to exchange or have any warranty claims as the fault is all mine.

      If it's company secret could be send via PM i read this forum frequently. Measurement of the other similar sized capacitors is not working already tried this approach so even taking another similar CPU i cannot take the correct reading from it.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi DStealthBG,

          I understand you are looking for the capacity and parameters of a broken capacitor. It is sad to hear this has happened to your Intel® processor.
          I regret to inform you that this type of information is not available through our channel of support nor via privately.  This type of information is considered confidential at Intel.

          Thank you for your understanding.
          Allan J.

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            Confidential ? A capacity of capacitor...what a nonsense...I need to lie and claim warranty problem, or buy another one and measure the SMD myself...Why to cheat instead of have this information I can obtain different ways directly from you ?

            It's a plain capacitor not a rocket science ... common you must be joking.


            You know i not gonna trow a 400$ CPU for stupidly engineered snagged capacitor for .5 cents right ?

            You're pushing me to use methods against my will...but if that's you final answer fine...let be so. Asked politely.


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              Just measured the capacitor...not gonna share the "confidential" information.

              Just want to share my disappointment from your answer.

              As there are zero supplies a month ahead to my country. And even willing to exchange or buy a new one was impossible.

              Been Intel user almost each generation chipsets and CPUs since 286 days...so that's why your answer was not cute to me...

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                No company is going to provide proprietary information in an online forum, regardless of the circumstances. You may not understand why this information is considered proprietary, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be. Intel has made this determination and that is that.