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    Problems after installing Optane drivers



      I have just bought an NUC 7i5BNHX1. I installed Windows 10 and updated all drivers and the BIOS on the Intel Download Centre, followed by a reboot. So far, so good, all was working perfectly. I then downloaded the Intel Optane Memory driver (I think it was v15.8) ZIP file and installed it as an Administrator. It seemed to install OK but I did not see the “Would you like to finish the setup process by enabling Intel Optane memory?” pop-up window, as described in the instruction sheet that came with the computer. Now, Windows appears to boot OK, but I cannot log on. Furthermore, Windows seems to have lost the network connection (neither Ethernet nor Wi-Fi work). The other odd thing is that the blue ring light is now permanently on, even though I disabled the HDD activity LED in the BIOS.

      Any advice on how I can get the computer working again?

      Thank you.