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    intel hd 4000 graphics driver issue


      A recent windows update has given my tablet issues. My Acer Iconia w700 tablet recently lost sleep mode in its power options along with my default on screen keyboard went missing from the taskbar after a windows update. After some research on the sleep mode disappearing it was supposedly caused from display driver problems and sure enough looking in device manager the intel hd 4000 graphics driver for this tablet had an exclamation icon and was giving the following error "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" and was now using a windows basic display driver. Tried troubleshooting this to no avail, no matter what driver ive tried, and even rolling back windows to before the issue, it still remains. From the research ive done it seems lots have had problems with their devices that have intel hd 4000 and windows 10. Please help us out as we spend lots of our hard earned money on these expensive products and would like to get at least a few years out of them, this tablet cost me near $1000 and I'd appreciate getting it fully functioning again. Thanks.