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    Network Driver update, NUC 5425


      The Install Wizard for Intel Network Connections would not execute, returning the message "The installed version of Intel Network Connections is not supported for upgrades.  You must uninstall it before installing this version."


      Cleverly, Intel provides no click through or instructions for completing such a deed.  The only option is to close the wizard. 


      I'm hesitant to poke around and uninstall something as critical as a network driver without knowing what I'm doing. 


      It is surprising Intel would not provide proper guidance with this, but it is what it is.  I'd welcome help from this community.  I've attached an amusing screenshot of the installer's message.

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          If the old (or, more likely, ancient) version might require a reboot during the uninstall process, it is not unreasonable that they would not automatically start this process (and leave it for you to manually do yourself).


          Just so you know, the D54250WYK/H NUC is referred to as one of the WY NUCs. WY is the two-letter acronym for Wilson Canyon, the unit's codename during development. The 5 in the name indicates that it has a Core i5 processor. The 4250 in the name indicates it is specifically a Core i5-4250. The other model's name, D34010WYK/H, includes an indication that a i3-4010 processor is used.



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            Hello Scott.  Perhaps there is a reason that this part of the upgrade process is not automated, I don't know.  My angst is that the message (my screenshot) is a declarative statement and stops.  Kind of like when Microsoft says "An error occurred" or some such less-than-informative pop up. 


            I've not proceeded further with this. 


            On another topic, I did successfully update the BIOS a few days ago, but still getting excessive blower noise.  Temperature running 145-155 or so.  Might be time for a new NUC, this one is going on year 4.

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              I would go ahead and do the reinstallation. Go into Apps and Features and delete the Intel Network Connections driver. After it completes (and you have rebooted), install the latest version.


              Temperatures in the 145-155 range are perfectly fine. In fact, any temperatures below 185 are perfectly fine - so long as you are not seeing anything higher than that.


              As for noise, after all this time you may be seeing a buildup of dust and need to clean the unit. To do the most thorough job, unfortunately, you need to pop the board out of the chassis so that you can use compressed air to clear out the blower and heatsink tunnel. If you are afraid of damaging the board, you can try blowing inwards but this will not do as good a job (use compressed air for sure for this).



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                Done and done.  It might be a little quieter because there was some minimal dust on the case and inside the NUC.  I just took the case off and use compressed air over and through the components.


                I deleted the Intel Network Connections and reinstalled.  I got a duplicate IP address error, rebooted and it went away.  However the Intel update wizard still thinks I need to update.  I'll fool around with this some more.  Windows Control Panel shows it dated as of today, so who knows what lurks beneath.

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                  The Network Connections package contains a whole pile of drivers (one for each PHY). These drivers do not have the same version number; it is rare that a change is common across multiple drivers. I suppose Intel could sync these version numbers, but it's a lot of work and time so they don't. Bottom line, depending upon which PHY your PC has, the version number will be different. As well, because the new tool has not comprehended all of these different drivers, it always thinks there is a need to update the driver. They will fix this eventually. For now, just ignore this re-prompting...


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Yes, that is helpful Scott.  Disturbing that a known process is not corrected though.  I think I'll just remove the Intel Advisor or whatever they call it from my system tray and just try to go to their support site and run it periodically.