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    NUC5PGYH HDMI image/video problem



      I just got the nuc from the title a day ago and today i set it up connecting it to my tv. I noticed a weird problem with the hdmi. Sometimes when i change the source on my tv to another hdmi and then switch back to the hdmi where the nuc is i have an image which is only a white noise video. I am attaching a picture of it. After a few reswitches it gets normal. If i dont reswitch the screen keeps flickering between no signal, that white noise stuff and nothing shown with the message that the resolution is not supported. If i start the nuc and i have the tv on that hdmi source from the start everything is ok. Same after it starts working. The problem occurs just if i switch sources while nuc is on or i start the nuc and i have the source on tv on another one and i switch to the nuc at a later time.

      Any idea what might be happening?