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    Ram incompatible with my NUC?


      Hello there I received my NUC + memory from amazon today and was disappointed to find out the NUC doesn't like the memory sticks i bought


      What I have here:

      NUC: Intel® NUC Kit NUC6CAYH

      Memory: Crucial 4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM | CT51264BF160B | Crucial.com (I got 2 of these)


      When I powered up the NUC  I got the following text on the screen


      Unsupported 1Gb/2Gb density SODIMM(s) detected on both SODIMM slots. System instability or data loss possible.

      Please replace with SODIMMs with 4Gb or higher density. Continue (Y/n).


      Ouch. I decided to proceed to see if I could boot up with my Ubuntu 17.10 USB to check the memory from there and it showed 8GB of memory so it does seem to work at least to some degree. I turned it off after 1 minute to do some research before pushing this further as I don't want to destroy this new toy.


      What's wrong with the memory I bought? Should I get something else? Or is there another way to fix this?