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    Intel Desktop Board DP55WB, three beeps?


      Hello, I recently bought an Intel Desktop Board DP55WB and have been trying to put together my computer (my first time doing so) and after a few hours of warily putting it together, everything is in place, with the exception of the graphics card which has yet to come in the mail.


      I eagerly turn it on anyways to ensure the fans and heatsink are working properly, and that the wires from the front of the case are plugged in to the right spots (which im still not entirely sure are in the right spots, but the power button is working at least)


      After i turn it on, it lights up as it should , but then proceeds to beep three times in a row, over and over. Scared I shut it off each time to make sure nothing will overheat if thats the case (the fans and heatsink appear to be working)


      Is there a really easy answer to what this means? I have tried looking but as a first time builder, its not as straightforward as it would be to most people.


      Thanks in advance!