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    RTF Internet Access


      I was able to connect to the drone via ssh, but now I wish to gain internet access to it by having it connect to my home's wi-fi. I am trying to use the command to disable it's default hotspot based on this instruction 08 Aero Network and System Administration · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub but I get the message "Error: 'hotspot' is not an active connection". I've also tried to modify the default ssid and psk, but the message is similar: "Error: Unknown connection 'hotspot'". I am now wondering if there is a different default name to 'hotspot'.


      Also, since I am currently only able to connect to the drone via ssh, I'm thinking that if I do succeed in disabling the AP, I would be disconnected from the drone and be unable to reconnect since there would be no AP to connect to.


      For clarity's sake, I have originally tried to get video output from the drone via micro HDMI but I was unsuccessful. I then tried to see if I could at least connect to the drone via ssh and this worked but I lack internet access. I now want to gain internet access, but I'm afraid that by disabling the AP I'm currently connected to, I would be unable to reconnect to the drone.