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    Intel Xeon X5680 vs. Core i7-980X Processor


      Dear Intel Staff.


      I’m in a process to build me a high performance computer I have some questions regarding Intel Xeon X5680 vs. Core i7-980X Processors.


      I wonder how come when Intel Core i7-980X has unlocked multiplier but with Intel Xeon X5680 processor the multiplier is not mention at all, since they both have close to identical technical specifications?


      Is there any different at all in between them? If so, what are the differences?


      Is the Xeon X5680 processor suitably for multitasking and hardcore gaming as the Intel Core i7-980X?


      PS. I'm planning to buy the EVGA Classified SR-2 Dual LGA1366 Motherboard, with all respect for Intel motherboards.


      Sincerely, Bengt Johansson.