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    ram upgrade in a Toshiba laptop with Intel HM55 (IbexPeak-M DH)  chipset


      Hello guys,


      I'm looking for a 4gb upgrade for an old laptop, a Toshiba satellite c645, part number PSC02U-00LLM1 number get by toshiba info tool.


      Hwinfo64  says that the laptop have a HM55 chipset, and looking this thread

      Intel® HM55 Express Chipset with Kingston RAM 8GB 1600 MHz


      I saw that the chipset only supports memories with 256kb memory banks, but. When I put the system on kingston webpage, to fing the optimized ram for that system, it put this ram:

      Búsqueda de memoria




      But... ¡that ram have banks of 512KB!


      So, finally what is the true information? I need this, because I bought a wrong ram that didn't work on the laptop (kingston



      ) and I don't want do the same mistake again.


      Or a corsair similar ram that works... In corsair webpage I can't find my system.


      thanks guys.