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    Unable to ssh to RTF drone




      I recently got a Ready-to-Fly Intel Aero and I am now trying to connect to it. I am following the GitHub guide to access the drone using ssh since I was unable to also get video output to my HDMI monitor, but when I try to ssh root@, I get the message that the "Network is unreachable" even when my remote computer is already connected to the drone's CR_AP-xxxxx wi-fi access point.

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          The ssh root command that you are using is the correct one, so it looks like the problem isn't in that instruction.


          There have been known cases of a computer's internet firewall blocking communication with an Intel Aero drone, in which case the recommended advice would be to disable the firewall, or set up a rule in the firewall that permits the drone to be connected to.

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            Unfortunately, I have also tried turning off my computer's firewall but it still wouldn't let me connect. I am using a Macbook Air btw, if that detail helps even a little.

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              Usually, wi-fi connections to a drone are made using a computer running the Linux operating system (the Ubuntu type of Linux is recommended).  So a Mac may be able to detect a wi-fi access point but not know how to talk to the drone via wi-fi.


              This page has deep details about connecting to the drone's wi-fi.


              08 Aero Network and System Administration · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub


              As suggested on this page, maybe you need to use the drone's wi-fi password 1234567890 to get past security.


              Edit: the page says "On macOS and Linux it's possible to use the link-local name rather than fixed IP.  Refer to the documentation of your distro on how to enable it ... ArchLinux's documentation works on several Linux distributions and macOS "



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                I've been able to ssh and scp to other compute boards before like the raspberry pi using my Macbook so I find it a bit unusual that I am unable to do the same with the Intel Aero.


                About the drone's wi-fi password, I believe that 1234567890 is only for connecting to the access point itself since the documentation states that there is no password to ssh to the drone. I don't think I would be able to enter that password anyway since I immediately receive the message "Network is unreachable" as soon as I hit enter on the ssh command instead of being prompted for a password.


                I will try the link-local approach that you mentioned and see if that works.

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                  It turns out that the command: ssh root@intel-aero.local does work. I first tried to make the connections to my Macbook be "link-local only", but it somehow still worked even when this isn't the case and I didn't have to install avahi. The solution was simply to login to root@intel-aero.local instead of using the IP address!


                  In any case, thanks for the help MartyG!

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                    I had seen the ssh root@intel-aero.local command during my initial research into your case, but as I only found one case where it was used and everyone else was using the IP address, I wasn't sure that it would work for you and wanted to offer more well-documented solutions first so that I didn't risk wasting your time.  I apologize for not suggesting local-link earlier.    At least Mac users who research wi-fi connection problems in future will have this post to refer to


                    Have a great weekend!