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    BIG RAID 1 problem




      Do you remember me?  I submitted a support request last weekend and you moved me from your group to the non-enterprise RST forum.  Well they have not even bothered to reply after all these days.  I also posted a request in the Chipset forum but they say in order to reverse what the Intel software did I should contact Microsoft.  Pretty shocking isn't it.  I followed the instructions of an Intel employee on this topic - Breaking RAID1 - Need specific instructions .  And the response from Intel is go to Microsoft for help.  I have asked the person in the Chipset forum to pass my case to someone that has more knowledge (and more pride in the company they work for).  You are really the only one who has responded in what I consider an appropriate manner.  What good is the non-enterprise RST forum if they never respond.  What good is an Intel employee who says go to another company to fix the damage Intel software caused.  Why does Intel think Microsoft will take the time to reverse engineer the RST software, find out what it does when resetting RAID 1 disks to non-raid, and then tell me how to correct the problem the Intel software caused.  Can you help?