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    Nuc7i5BNH Updated BIOS, now it's loud.


      I bought a NUC i7 a while back and returned it because the noise was unbearable.  I got the I5 version, thinking it wouldn't get as hot, so the fan wouldn't need to run so much.  It was nice and quiet, but I was having issues getting the HDMI display to wake up after turning on my TV/Receiver...so I updated the BIOS from whatever 04/2017 version it had, to the latest one.  As soon as I turned it booted it up again...same damn noise as the i7....Loud whirring sound, like a jet engine.  Open a web browser...it goes even louder like a hair dryer.


      Can I roll back my BIOS to what it was??? I did set the fan to quiet, which helps a bit...but I can't sleep with this thing in my room the way it is.