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    FPS drops in all my games


      Hello everybody and thanks in advance. From what I'm going to say it seems more like a hardware problem but I'm looking for help where I can. My problem is this: It turns out that for some time now I've had problems with my laptop in terms of games, problems I did not have at first, games have continuous FPS drops or I do not know how to call it since it happens every 10 seconds or less, and this happens with ALL games, even with the least demanding and I mean Age of Empires 1 and Commandos 2 or things like that. It is a laptop with Intel core i3 2330m Intel HD 3000 and 2gb ram. The problem comes from a few months ago, I thought it was the W10 operating system and problems with the drivers, so I formatted and reinstalled but the problem continued. I installed W7 again with the old drivers disk with which the laptop came and tried and the problem continued, so I started to believe that it was hardware. My laptop got very hot and the fan was going full blast so I opened it and removed a lot (a lot) of dust from the ventilation grid, it was practically completely clogged, the temperature went down but the problem was still there, then I remembered that once playing Lord of the rings online (Steam) there was a bug, Windows warning jumped something went offline and the screen went black, apparently the graphics drivers failed, so turn off and restart and everything went back to normal. I do not remember if from that moment the problems started or I already had them, but since I remembered that event I decided to scan the laptop with memtest86 + and there were no errors in the processor or memories, I used open hardware monitor to check the voltage and everything goes normal , I do not remember with what program I scan the hard drive and it is deteriorated but I do not know if that is the problem. I'm thinking about changing the thermal paste to see if that's it but in the meantime I write here to see if anyone has any idea of what might be happening. On the other hand I do not think they are the Windows drivers since I installed Lubuntu and played 0 a.d and the problem was the same.