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    DP55KG, Problems with BIOS version & memory


      I purchased a i5-670 processor & a DP55KG board, it was advertised from the retailer as compatible & I also checked intels website for the board and this chip was checked as "fully compatible". When I put it together I got a 4F code & after some research found out the motherboard had to have a bios update from a 3206 to at least a 3878 revision. How do you update a board that will not boot at all? well I was told by intel chat it would boot with an i7-860 processor. Why should I have to buy a chip to upgrade a board so I can use the other chip? I bought a i7-860 & the board booted right up, I updated the bios, reinstalled the i5-670 & now it worked fine. I took the i7-860 chip back to the store & had to pay a 10% penalty for opening the box ($36 dollars). Now here's the dilemma, when I added additional memory, the board would again not boot & I was getting a 27 error code this time, if I removed the memory off the "A" side of the board it works fine. I tried all memory configurations any on channel "B" side it worked great & any on "A" side...27 code & nothing. After working the RMA with Intel to get a board that both channels of memory worked I asked to ensure I get a 55KG board with a revised BIOS so I dont have to spend still more money doing what I previously had to do to upgrade the BIOS to work with the i5-670 in the 1st place . I was told by the tech that exchanges were "like for like". 1st off this is not right becaue the combo is still advertised as "fully compatible" & how is it fully compatible if you need to buy another chip to make it work? I just need intel to send me a revised board or the same revision & upgrade it before they send it. I sent the board in and even though the post office says it was delivered I have recieved no update in status. I have four homemade systems in my home (all Intel products) and never had a problem, now the 1st time I have a problem this is the customer service you get? When they finally send my replacement board and if they send the same BIOS/problem back to me is there anyway to get a bios update to load when the board wont boot at all? Please let me know