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    CPU throttling reaction time


      Hi People,

      I have some questions that may have been asked but my searched have come up empty.

      Everyone knows (or should) that a CPU that gets too hot will start to throttle its frequency of operation to get a temperature back under control, my questions stem from this basic understanding.

      1. In a multi core CPU is one core gets too hot does ( and you have frequency set per core) does the single hot core downclock or are all cores affected?

      2. What time period (e.g. 1ms, 5ms 100 or 500ms) has to elapse at that trigger temp (e.g. 100C) before the downclock is initiated by the CPU protection?

      3. Asked another way if I saw a spike of e.g. 102C within a polling period of 500ms but gone within 1000ms in the monitoring software would that trigger a momentary throttling?


      I have no understanding of the intricacies of CPU throttling (other than the universal wish to avoid its causes at all costs) and any answers to these questions from a noob would be much appreciated?