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    Can I use R200 Module from Robotic Dev Kit on Windows 10?


      I'm interested in using the R200 dev kit, which is out of stock.  So I'm thinking of buying the Robotic Dev kit which is a bundle that includes an R200 module.  But the description for the Robotic Kit says that the robotic board supports Ubuntu.  So if I only want to use the R200 module without the robotic board, can I connect the R200 to my Windows 10 PC via USB?  Has any one tried to use the R200 from this kit this way before?  Thanks a bunch in advance.

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          The R200 in the Robotic Kit is identical to the standalone out of stock one and even has the same packaging case.  The Robotic Kit is just a bundle deal of the R200 and an Up Board single-board computer.  So the Kit's R200 would be totally fine with Windows 10.  I have the Kit myself and have used the kit R200 on its own in Win10 with no problems.


          The Kit comes with an adapter to use it with the special thinner than usual USB connection on the Ubuntu board (known as USB OTG, or On The Go), but you can also plug the camera straight into your Windows PC without the adapter attached.


          For the R200 in the Kit to work in Windows, you will need to install its drivers by running the Depth Camera Manager program for the R200 on your computer, which can be downloaded from the RealSense downloads page on the Intel website.